What is it that makes the Earth spinning faster than usual

The race is on

On the 29th of June On June 29, the Earth finished its fastest revolution, with one rotation just short of 24 hours.

The longest day in history was 1.59 milliseconds shorter than 24 .

A pattern

It was not the first time that the Earth rotated faster than normal it completed a single rotation 1.46 milliseconds in just 24 hours.

It was on 19 July 2020. Since then the date, the Earth is speeding up.


Although 2020 and 2021 experienced some slight speed increases however

this year has seen much more rapid rotations. There isn't a conclusive evidence that this is taking place, but there are theories about the phenomenon.

Weight loss

One hypothesis is that the earth is getting faster moving because it is losing weight around the poles , with the glaciers continuing to melt because of global warming.

Seismic activity

Its weight is evenly distributed, ensuring that it is moving in the right direction, however seismic activity, like earthquakes and tsunamis

and earthquakes can alter the earth's mass. If the Earth's mass is more centralized toward the center and the core, it'll spin faster.


Although the mass redistribution does play part in this,

it indicates that the moon's gravitational force on the Earth is changing. Moon's pull may be the cause of the more rapid acceleration of the earth's orbit.

Chandler wobbles

A continuous movement, known as the Chandler wobble is an event in which the planet's gravitational poles change slightly

causing an imbalance that causes the planet to rotate faster.

What does this mean

The shift in the Earth's rotation could affect the atomic clocks utilized in GPS satellites. This is because they'll have to be synchronised with time lost.

Leap seconds

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) has added leap seconds to the years to make up for slow rotations.

But in the event that the speed of rotation continues to increase, IERS might have to introduce the negative leap second to make up for.