Some beautiful pictures of IAS officer Tina Dabi with her husband

IAS officer Tina Dabi, although she is very famous for her beauty, but she takes care of her family very well along with her work.

Tina Dabi always garners a lot of headlines on social media for her pictures.

Tina Dabi has recently shared some of her new pictures in which she is looking very beautiful.

In the picture shared by Tina Dabi, she is looking very beautiful with her husband Dr. Pradeep Gawande.

Actually Tina Dabi and her husband Pradeep Gawande had come to attend a function.

While participating in that function, both of them got their pictures clicked in which both of them looked very good.

Both Tina Dabi and her husband Pradeep Gawande tied the knot last year.

Tina Dabi married Pradeep Gawande, 12 years older than her.

Tina Dabi is married to her husband Pradeep Gawande for the second time.

Tina Dabi was earlier married to IAS Athar Aamir Khan.