Ferrari's new car Ferrari Purosangue with four doors and four seats

Ferrari's first SUV

Now a new car is being added to the list of Ferrari vehicles, which has been launched on 13 September, this is an SUV vehicle 12-cylinder Purosangue.

four-door, four-seater

Ferrari Purosangue This is the first vehicle in the list of Ferrari vehicles to have four doors and four seats.


All the four seats are very luxurious from inside and every seat has an automatic forward and backward sensor.

For whom

The basic reason for making this that it is built for the super-rich drivers and who don't mind going completely all-electric.


If we talk about the speed of this luxurious vehicle, then it is also good, the top speed of this vehicle is more than 310 kph (190 mph).


The main thing about this vehicle is its engine which is 725 horsepower, its design has been given a new architecture.

new architecture

If we talk about the most expensive SUV vehicles, then this vehicle has been included in that list, till date we have seen it only in Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Not an SUV

The company says that even though its weight and size are fine, they do not consider it an SUV.

India launch

People are curious to know when this vehicle will be launched in India, then tell that it can be launched in India by next year.


Talk about the price of this car, then you will have to spend about 6 crores to buy this car.