Dhanush Thiruchitrambalam movie honest public review

We will inform you about whether you should watch this movie or not.

You will not get to see this movie in Hindi right now

You can enjoy a lot by watching this movie of Dhanush, you can watch this movie in with sittings of your family members.

To be fair, this movie is a good movie

This film of Dhanush is not like his other films, as people know there is a lot of action in his movie, all that will not be seen in this film.

In this film people will get to see a different form of Dhanush, in this film he will be seen in a romantic style.

Seeing the performance of Dhanush in this film, it is proved that he does not have any problem in doing any kind of acting.

After watching this film of Dhanush, it will feel as if it is not Dhanush of old films but his twin is acting like this.

It is being told about this film that this film is a very good film in the beginning but later people will feel a bit bored.

This means that the makers made it a bit hasty as the second part of the film could have done better.

Music songs in this movie are very good so this movie is very good