Adani Vs. Ambani: Indian businessmen fight each other different sectors

Clash of titans

India's richest people the richest of them all - Gautam Adani, and Mukesh Ambani - have been battling for posts at the topof the heap

but over time their rivalry gaining momentum to encompass nearly every field you can imagine.


The most recent addition to Adani's arsenal is telecom. The telecom industry was where Ambani's Jio disrupt the market in 2014.

After the 5G auction in India, in which each of Ambani and Adani received airwaves, it appears that Jio could be facing an opponent from the other side.


One of Reliance's most prominent business, oil accounts for large proportions of Ambanis revenues.

This year, news reports suggested that Adani was looking to acquire the Saudi company Aramco and could be the potential rival to Ambani.

Green energy

A sector worth $70 billion Renewable energy has both powerful tycoons on the scene as well

with Adani Green Energy focusing entirely on renewables, with Ambani's Reliance Power branching out into the field of renewable energy.


Although Adani's involvement in media isn't the most significant since the conglomerate holds 49% of Quintillion Media

it is still under the radar of Ambani's media company which is Network18. Network18 group.

Other industries

The fight doesn't stop there.

Both giants are likely to compete in the areas of e-commerce, financial services as well as aerospace and defence solar manufacturing, as well as sports.

New ventures

While Ambani's involvement in a variety of sectors is established however, the presence of Adani is emerging in the competing sectors

Bloomberg says that both business titans in the same industry could change the face of business in India.

Head to head

At first glance, Ambani and Adani seem distinct, the one of them

Ambani took over his fortune from his father, and then expanded his business to new heights, and the other Adani is a self-made businessman.

Same wine, but different bottles

They are both media-shy, and both males are fiercely competitive and disruptive in a variety of sectors .

Both are from Gujarat which is also the home for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.